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Love Springs Eternal Youth Preservation Serum 24 ml | 0.8 fl oz
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An anti-aging serum unlike any other, this miraculous serum boasts some of Mother Earth’s most effective gifts: watermelon seed oil to smooth, dissolve build-up and provide a rich composition of essential fatty acids, Bulgarian Rose Oil to tone and moisturize, and clinically proven D’Orientine S (the S stands for sshh! secret) to help protect skin from environmental sources of aging and wrinkling. Your skin will forever thank you.

Apply a few drops of serum on a clean, damp face, morning and night. Include your neck, décolleté and the back of your hands for maximum anti-aging.

*Every single ingredient listed is plant based. Visit our ingredients page to learn more.

citrullus vulgaris (watermelon) seed oil, caprylic/capric triglyceride (and) phoenix dactylifera (date) seed extract, organic rosa damascena (rose) oil, citrus aurantium (neroli) oil, organic boswellia carteri (frankincense) oil, organic cymbopogon martini (palmarosa) Oil, tocopherol (natural vitamin e)

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Laurenreviewed March 7, 20144 out of 5!
Absolutely adore this product! It made me an oil convert after spending my life avoiding oil-based skin products at all costs. It is wonderfully light and absorbs quickly. It also smells divine! Together with the Vitamin B face wash it is all my skin needs to be pristine. My only complaint is that it is quite pricey for the amount. This lasts me three months using one pump morning and night. I would love to see a larger size or even more diluted formula for those of us that love the formula and use it as our primary moisturizer. Love it!
Birdie reviewed February 28, 20145 out of 5!
I had a facial and asked exactly what she used...I walked out the door with this little beauty and I am faithfully using everyday. Night & day, I should add. I have sensitive skin & generally do not switch products once in my routine. Within one week the appearance of my skin is more even. I feel like this product has given me more moisture than my previous product regimen. I was using more product and getting less results. Try this product, please, you will be back to write a 5 star post as well!
Augustareviewed February 4, 20145 out of 5!
Love this product. Smells great, sinks in quickly, and my skin is already noticeably brighter and smoother (I bought the travel size last week). Like the other reviews, I've tried a lot of other serums/creams; everything from argan oil to crazy expensive creams. This is one of the best I've used. Just bought the full size.
Erinreviewed October 1, 20135 out of 5!
I got a sample of this and am so impressed with this serum. I am already noticing a difference on some lines that bother me and I can't say enough about this amazing line! Never have been so impressed by any skincare line EVER!
Naomireviewed August 9, 20135 out of 5!
I was awfully skeptical when I read the glowing reviews for this product because I have never been impressed with any anti-aging claims in anything I have tried from any brand. (Belive me: this includes a LOT of stuff!) However, I had become a dedicated fan of a few other OLO products, all of which lived up to their claims, and felt it was worth a shot. This stuff is awesome! Super hydrating and I definitely see a new smoothness to my skin with fine lines and other signs of ageing / fatigue being gently erased. I love that I can use it around the eye area because that is my main area of concern for lines and wrinkles. I am delighted to have added this to my simple routine and am so pleased with the results.
Mariareviewed March 4, 20135 out of 5!
I am a new-product-sucker no more! I don't think I'll ever use anything else. this oil is just the right weight and smells amazing without being overpowering. I don't wear perfume anymore because it's all too overwhelming. I stopped when I was pregnant with my first child because smells made me sort of ill. This is the first fragrance that I wish I would smell like ALL the time. ALSO- my skin looks amazing with it.
Allyreviewed October 22, 20125 out of 5!
This serum has bewitched me and I just can't go a night without it. I tried it first in a sample pack and then ordered the full size version because I couldn't bear to be without it. I have sensitive, highly reactive, and normal-leaning-towards-dry-skin. No breakouts or irritation with this. I use it after I cleanse every. single. night. No need to mess around with eye creams, this one does it all.
Samantha F.reviewed July 16, 20125 out of 5!
I used to be a loyal Argan oil user but LSE blows plain Argan away. It's so light it just sinks in, yet provides amazing moisture. Also, I'm very breakout prone and this has caused me no troubles--actually my skin has broken out much less since using it! Great all around product.
Katiereviewed May 14, 20125 out of 5!
I finally saved up the money to splurge on this and boy am I glad! It smells DIVINE. I can really smell the neroli. Every time I use this it smells like I just finished getting a fancy-shmancy facial at a spa.
talareviewed March 5, 20125 out of 5!
This is a great serum! My skin loves it.
Pam Ereviewed November 21, 20115 out of 5!
I have mild excema that comes down the sides of my face in dry patches, the watermelon oil in this serum is the only moisturizer I have found that can clear up my skin overnight and is does not clog my pores or generate additional blemishes.
KRBreviewed November 14, 20115 out of 5!
I've been using this serum for a week now. I'm a confessed skin-care junkie, and let me say that I am SOLD and here's why:
-You can use this over any acne care system you already have. It has not clogged my pores.
-There is no cloying smell
-Your skin will look flawless.(especially around the eyes).
-I feel confident without makeup and I am 41 years old!

You are missing out if you do not try this!
Dale Oreviewed November 7, 20115 out of 5!
I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE this serum.

FIRST I used Argan Oil [AO] for several weeks (because of all the recent hype and I found it through an inexpensive distributor on the Internet) and then switching to Love Springs Eternal [LSE] because of my recent discovery of this brand, I must say I was shocked to find that AO pales in comparison to LSE in many many ways. There are many claims over AO (which is a fine organic product for sure). HOWEVER LSE is by far a better serum. SECOND what I noticed is that after several hours I had to reapply AO to retain the feeling of hydration to my skin: face and hands. BUT after using LSE one time day or night my skin stayed hydrated without having to reapply.

LASTLY the improvements in the overall radiance, pour size, and hydration of my skin is definitely worth every penny. AO will have to be the back up until I replenish LSE which will remain in my daily skin care regimen. GREAT PRODUCT!
sandra dreviewed April 8, 20115 out of 5!
Amazing healing. I am sooo impressed. I have to share my story. I had a small cyst above my eye and thought I would have it removed professionally. I started using One Love products and within 4 weeks the cyst was almost gone. Another week and it is completely gone. I am 60 years old and thought I would have to live with my wrinkles. Each day I look in the mirror I am pleased that my skin looks smoother and now has an even skin tone. I am committed to One Love Organics and thankful that I have this product. It literally kept me out of the doctors office. Thank you One Love.
Laura Tuckerreviewed February 9, 20115 out of 5!
This product is amazing! I don't know what I ever did without it. It is wonderful for sensitive skin. Its not oily or greasy, doesn't break you out and makes your skin look young and flawless. Ordinarily I don't like any type of scent, and I actually love the way it smells, too. Thank you for this fantastic creation.
Dr. Ianreviewed February 4, 20115 out of 5!
As an optometrist, I am happy to see a product made to work for both the face and the eye area. My wife and I both use this product-it works great and we only have to buy one, not two products for the face and eye area.
Natreviewed February 1, 20115 out of 5!
This serum is SO sexy times! Smells exotic, feels yummy, and you wake up in the am without a wrinkle on yer face. Amaze.
catinareviewed January 11, 20115 out of 5!
Love Love this product! Use it every evening and it seems to "plump" my skin and under eye area. Have sensitive skin and this product is perfect for me!
Sylvia Lazaroureviewed January 11, 20115 out of 5!
I LOVE adding this amazing serum to my face every night at bedtime. I have smooth glowing youthful looking skin the next morning. It smells great and is not greasy on your skin. The pureness of the ingredients is VERY evident and I am so confident knowing I am NOT adding water and chemicals to my skin :-)
Elisereviewed January 7, 20115 out of 5!
love..love...love.... this is my favorite! It makes your skin glow and it feels so good on! not to mention the smell is amazing!! it is a good feeling when you are do what is pure for your skin :)
christareviewed January 6, 20115 out of 5!
The serum is what puts the exclamation mark on this line! My skin feels soooo silky and supple...like your skin feels after a facial! I can't recommend this product enough.
marlareviewed January 6, 20115 out of 5!
LOVE THIS PRODUCT! I use it every night and I wake up with such soft glowing skin!! It's a must in my beauty regime!
Sue Ureviewed January 6, 20115 out of 5!
This serum feels great when I apply it and it smells really good. I have been getting compliments on my skin since I started using it. I use all the products together and I feel like this serum is what is making the difference!
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