Hair tamer, Illuminizer, Make up remover, Moisturizer, Pomade, Primer for mineral powder, Skin soother
Skin Savior Waterless Beauty Balm 105 ml | 3.5 oz
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Pure, cold-pressed plant oils, rich mango butter, and three super-critical extracts break down dirt and makeup, cleansing your skin, without stripping its natural protective layer. And you can use the very same balm for moisturizing, illuminizing, hair taming and creating your own custom treatment foundation (click here for tutorial video). A little goes a loooong way.

Warm a small scoop of balm between your hands. Gently press into skin and massage in circular motions. Gently wipe off dirt, oil and makeup with New Best Friend Skin Shammy.

Apply a very small amount anywhere moisture is needed.


Sprinkle your favorite mineral powder into a small amount of Skin Savior. Blend together with your finger or make up brush. Add more minerals for heavier coverage. Mix colors for a custom color match. Apply to your skin for a smooth, dewy look.

*Every single ingredient listed is plant based. Visit our ingredients page to learn more.

organic cocos nucifera (virgin coconut) oil, organic glycine soja (sweet soy) seed oil, organic beeswax, mangifera indica (mango) seed butter, salvia hispanica (chia) seed extract, avena sativa (oat) extract, citrus aurantium dulcis (orange) peel wax, simmondsia chinesis (jojoba) seed oil, organic vanilla planifolia fruit extract, tocopherol (natural, non-gmo vitamin e)

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johndavid reviewed April 21, 20145 out of 5!
With skin care I like to keep it simple - a good cleanser, moisturizer and SPF were all I used for decades. Since trying Skin Savior balm in 2011, I quickly saw results that made it a must have along with the basics.
Kristinreviewed April 15, 20145 out of 5!
Skin Savior is incredible! Not only has it kept my face well moisturized throughout a horrendous winter, but it also lasts forever. And I can sleep easy knowing there are no harsh chemicals on my skin. I highly recommend!
Augustareviewed February 4, 20145 out of 5!
This is one of the few expensive, organic brands that is worth every penny. The skin savior is everything they advertise. I bought the travel set last week as a trial and have just purchased the full size. I have combination skin, and am currently 4 months pregnant, so have more acne than usual. My skin has cleared significantly and is perfectly moisturized. Not to mention, unlike most moisturizers, my husband loves the smell! Also, though I have plenty of nice tinted moisturizers, I have been using a tiny bit of skin savior with my mineral powder instead; it looks and feels fantastic (especially great if you like the dewy but not shiny look). Buy this product, you won't regret it.
jeniferreviewed January 30, 20145 out of 5!
This is a can't live without it product. I thought I hated "greasy" cleansers, but, it turns out....they're the best thing ever! This gorgeous, delicately fragranced and precious balm loosens all my makeup, prepping my face for a swipe with an all natural disposable face cloth. I can't resist going back into the jar to rub some into my lips, pat on the under eye area, and frankly just absentmindedly smooth some onto so many skin issues! This is an investment.
Mollyreviewed October 1, 20135 out of 5!
LOVE LOVE LOVE this stuff, at first I was just using it as a moisturizer but every single cleanser I have tried recently has left my face burning and tight so I decided to try Skin Savior as a cleanser too and I am so happy I did, my skin hasnt looked this good since forever!
Juliareviewed September 25, 20132 out of 5!
I used this balm (with the skin shammy) as a makeup remover, moisturizer, and primer. I want to give this product 5 stars because the company's philosophy and ethics and their other products deserve 5 stars, but I hate soy (organic, nonorganic, or gmo/ge) and this product has it as an ingredient.
One Love Organicsresponse from One Love Organics September 25, 2013
Hi Julia,

The soy oil we use is made from certified organic, non-GEO (no genetically engineered organism) beans. It is a minimally processed and unrefined oil. Its naturally occurring vitamin E helps to act as a preservative and extend the shelf life and is a great source of lecithin which helps to bind the oils, butters and waxes of the product more efficiently. It's also a good source of beneficial polyunsaturated essential fatty acids (EFAs) omega 3, omega 6, and monounsaturated fatty acid omega 9.

We do use organic soybean oil in our skin savior balm but it is not the same at all as mainstream soy that is heavily processed (with acid washing and neutralization solutions, large and leaching aluminum tanks, and high temperature heating). It is also not genetically modified. Organic soy is very good for the skin.
Naomireviewed August 9, 20135 out of 5!
This is simply amazing. I use it as a moisturiser and for my sensitive, dry and rosacea-prone skin there is nothing that compares. Last winter I tried several different products from several different brands and Skin Saviour was the only thing that soothed my red, chapped, inflamed skin. No matter what else I layered on my face I never felt truly moisturised until I used this. In the summer weather (high humidity) I use it as a spot treatment for dry patches or occasionally when i need a little extra boost. It works wonders for minimising the damage travel does to my face - the dry air of flights, the "surprise" of different water, different climates. I cannot recommend this enough!
Daniellereviewed July 17, 20135 out of 5!
HOW DO PEOPLE SURVIVE WITHOUT THIS?! I honestly don't know how I did.

Not only is Skin Savior an incredible moisturizer----but it also acts as the greatest primer I have ever used. I am a very devoted fan of Bare Escentuals---and when their foundation is buffed over a layer of Skin Savior the result is a flawless finish that lasts all day and night. I continue to be amazed over and over again!
Lolareviewed July 9, 20135 out of 5!
I am posting another review, because I have never found something so great. I've been using the trial size (1.3 oz one) for four months, and based on how I use it, it still has at least a month left! I even bought a backup for when it does finally run out, which I have never done. I have never, ever had so much success with a product! It heals, it nourishes, and I can't believe how well it works on cystic blemishes! Around my time of month, I tend to get hormonal cysts around my mouth, chin, and jawline. Since using this and the Easy Does It (my favorite, favorite, favorite cleanser, and I have tried many), my breakouts are far smaller and much easier to manage; they heal faster, and scarring is much less evident. I plan on using this until the day I die... do yourself a favor and try this out! It will NOT disappoint!!!
Melissa reviewed May 22, 20135 out of 5!
My vanity used to look like a makeup counter with all the moisturizers, exfoliants, cleansers, masks, cremes and serums. Now, the only thing my skin needs is Skin Savior! I use it as a makeup remover/cleanser, moisturizer and basic lotion for my skin or hair. I live in a very arid, cold climate, and it wrecked my skin. Now, my skin is in the best shape I have ever seen it! AND Skin Savior is all natural- it's nice reading an ingredients list where I recognize everything listed! THANK YOU FOR CREATING SUCH AN AMAZING PRODUCT!!
Angelinareviewed April 17, 20135 out of 5!
I just wanted to say how much I love your products. I recently thought I had found the holy grail of moisturizers and face serums - one was wonderful but just not cost effective and the other went out of business. I am so happy to say that I think One Love Organics has saved the day! I have been so pleased with everything I have tried and couldn't be happier with the Elizabeth Dehn and OLO collaboration. Your products fit in perfectly with my lifestyle- they are simple, effective, natural, multi-task and are reasonably priced. I am truly amazed by how long lasting the skin savior balm is but what I love about it even more is that my oily skin has found balance! I have very oily skin and always end up shiny by mid day-until now. I followed the directions on the card with my sample pack and haven't had an oily or dry day since I started using them.
Lolareviewed March 25, 20135 out of 5!
This stuff... wow. My skin has never looked so good. Like, since pre-puberty... I've fought acne since I was a teenager, and it continued into my twenties. This (coupled with using rhassoul clay as a cleanser) has made my skin so smooth and clear that I went out today without foundation, and felt like I had pretty skin! I can't even tell you how liberating that was- I'm the girl who goes to get milk with a full face of makeup! Also, I tried the oil cleansing method, and coconut oil made me break out like crazy, so I was nervous that it was the main ingredient; however, I haven't had any new acne since I started using this two weeks ago, just happy, nourished skin! THANK YOU FOR THIS! I'm so happy I could cry!
Blythereviewed January 23, 20135 out of 5!
Pure MAGIC! Cured both of my daughters' eczama on their eyelid and cheeks. Cured my eczema on my hands (due to washing my hands a lot and seasonal changes). I use it on my face everyday; it soothes, smooths and imparts a youthful glow. I have not used it as a makeup remover yet ("Easy Does It" is my favorite makeup remover/cleanser), but it is a wonderful all purpose moisturizer. You can't go wrong with anything from One Love Organics. Love love love!
Chelseareviewed November 19, 20125 out of 5!
Works like magic! It has completely replaced my lib balm and makeup remover! Thanks a bunch!
Susanreviewed October 17, 20125 out of 5!
I love this balm! It works so well on my skin, and smells divine. I'm so glad I discovered the One Love Organics line - I usually bounce around with skin care products looking for just the right cleanser/moisturizer, and I've finally found what I was looking for. Customer service is top of the line, too - it's amazing how friendly people and prompt shipping makes a shopping experience so great.
Femireviewed October 15, 20125 out of 5!
I live in a very hot and humid place; therefore my skin and lips become very dry. I received a 0.5 oz of the Skin Savior as a sample from the Dermstore. When I opened the tiny jar I was met with the sweet smell of sweet, rippen oranges. I first tried it on my lips and it melted on my lips so smoothly and made my lips feel so soft and moistured! I absolutely LOVE this miracle in a jar, and I will never go back to my old medicated lip balms that never really worked. Next, I am going to try the Skin Savior as a face cleanser!
Samantha F.reviewed July 16, 20125 out of 5!
AMAZING! I was afraid to put this on my acne prone skin but it actually helps my blemishes heal and I've been breaking out less since using it. (I use it as a moisturizer to keep all the good benefits of the LSE in--another awesome OLO product). A little goes a long way and it smells husband loves the smell too. One extra benefit--I had a dry patch on my elbow that wouldn't go away and this got rid of it overnight!
Monareviewed July 11, 20125 out of 5!
I got this product in a Birchbox a couple of months back. At first I used it on dry spots on my hand and found it worked really well. I kind of forgot about it for a while, but I recently started to paint my nails a lot. The constant application and removal of polish has left my cuticles dry. So I started using this on my cuticles and now they look and feel amazing. This is a wonderful product!
Tara Wojtkunskireviewed June 26, 20125 out of 5!
I received a sample of Skin Savior as part of my birchbox and keep it in my purse to treat dry spots on my face or hands when I am on the go. Last weekend I went out of town for a wedding and I forgot my usual facial cleanser. My skin can be very fussy (combination/sensitive) but Skin Savior worked beautifully and I didn't even have to use a moisturizer. I only use organic products and this is a keeper.
Patricia Raleyreviewed May 1, 20125 out of 5!
I've been using this product for a month.I used it every night after I wash my face. I am using less products on my face since I started using this. After I wash my face I apply eye cream, retinol and Skin Savior. My skin is looking better than before. I really think this product is making a huge difference on my face. I have dark spots that are getting lighter and and the very few wrinkles that I have are less noticeable. I had fall in love with this name brand. This is an amazing balm...I use it on my lips and my eyelashes too. LOVE IT! Thank you girls for such a wonderful product!
krystal h (georgia)reviewed April 17, 20125 out of 5!
I received a sample jar of this in my birchbox subscription last month. I have it on the nightstand and started using it on my lips, elbows, knees, and heels. I cannot believe it is working on my rough dry heels like it does, as I have tried many creams. My lips are getting better each night too. I will be ordering when my jar is gone. I love the smell too.
Dale Oreviewed October 3, 20115 out of 5!
I've been weening off toxic products for 1 year and I have a friend who owns and operates an organic product company as well. Her body whip is truly fantastic but after receiving One Love Organics in a gift bag at an event I had to try Skin Savior. I must say that this product is A REVELATION. The texture, citrus scent, and after affects of my skin condition have me hooked to the point where I may switch allegiances. GREAT JOB!
Shannonreviewed September 26, 20115 out of 5!
This is the one product that has helped my makeup go on SMOOTHLY. I have very dry and sometimes flaky skin, so putting on mineral foundation was always a hassle. Now I put a little bit of this on after I wash my face, and the makeup goes on *flawlessly*. I'm addicted!
Hebereviewed July 27, 20115 out of 5!
I am hooked, my son gave me some One Love Organics products and now I am in love. I'm a woman just entering her 50's (next week!) and that comes with all it's skin changes and your balm has been there to help ease the way! It makes my skin feel so good! Smooth NOT greasy! I have never left the house without a moisturizer on my face, but lately the creams I was using were causing me to break out. Then One Love came to my skin rescue. Thank you!
Stefi P.reviewed July 20, 20115 out of 5!
I think I'm getting in love with One Love Organics. It's been just over an hour since I removed my makeup (used the balm and shammy) and then applied the balm as a moisturizers. My skin is feeling/looking great. Now I cannot wait until tomorrow morning to "play" with it and my mineral foundation. I'm real, real happy I finally got it!
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