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Brand New Day Microderma Scrub & Masque 60 ml | 2oz
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Ever wish for a do-over? Brand New Day lets your skin start fresh every morning. Soothing organic sweet pea flour and fresh pineapple enzymes polish off dead skin cells while helping to protect the new ones. Brand New Day is an exfoliation treat that’s gentle enough for every day, every skin type and every inch of your bod. Tomorrow never looked so good.

FOR A SCRUB: Mix 1/2–1 teaspoon of Brand New Day with warm water to form a creamy paste. Massage onto damp face and throat using gentle, circular motions. Remove with warm water.

FOR A MASQUE: In your hand or a small bowl, mix 1 teaspoon of Brand New Day with 2 teaspoons of water for a luxurious, tightening masque. For an extra treat, mix with 2 teaspoons of plain Greek yogurt for a clarifying masque OR fresh, raw honey for a hydrating masque. Leave for 10-15 minutes. Remove with warm water.

*Every single ingredient listed is plant based. Visit our ingredients page to learn more.

Organic Zea Mays (Corn) Starch,Organic Pisum Sativum (Sweet Pea) Flour, Sodium Cocoyl Glycinate, Organic Ananas Comosus (pineapple) fruit extract, Sodium Myristoyl Glutamate, proprietary natural and organic fragrance compounds

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Larareviewed February 3, 20143 out of 5!
This is a good enzyme based exfoliant, but I liked the old formula based on rice and silk much much more than this newer version with pea.
Naomireviewed August 9, 20135 out of 5!
Just brilliant! I have to be extremely careful when choosing any skin care, but especially with exfoliators. I have sensitive, rosacea-prone skin and it is so easily aggravated by anything harsh, yet I get dry patches and flakiness. When I discovered this product I found the perfect solution to my problems. I find it gentle enough to use several times a week, but so little is needed I have been very pleasantly surprised by how long one container lasts. I will not travel without it!
Daniellereviewed July 17, 20134 out of 5!
This stuff is great! I use the Chia Whip cleanser on a regular basis but 1-2 times per week I also use Brand New Day to get a light exfoliation. It's also fabulous if you use a Clarisonic---they work together to provide a deeper exfoliation. Your skin absolutely shines!
Abbyreviewed December 3, 20125 out of 5!
Your search for the perfect scrub ends here! I have really sensitive skin and it is hard to find an effective scrub that doesn't irritate my skin but, this is the one. Wow.
Shawn Sandstromreviewed April 26, 20125 out of 5!
I have oily skin and have been searching for the perfect exfoliator. Now I've found it. The scent doesn't do much for me but the product works like no other. I use it on my face with water, on my chest mixed with a gentle body wash and water, and it has made a huge difference. Now I'm wanting to stock up, because it always seems like every product I LOVE gets a formula change or gets discontinued. Fingers crossed that does not happen with this.!
Katie Creviewed April 19, 20123 out of 5!
I have used this a few times and it always make my skin do weird things. Well, come to find out I have an allergy to milk. I guess I know why my skin doesn't like this now! I bet that's why I didn't like the smell either. My body just knew what it doesn't like. :/
talareviewed March 5, 20123 out of 5!
While the scent of this scrub is divine, I find it a bit irritating for my sensitive skin.
Pam Ereviewed November 21, 20114 out of 5!
First of all-I love this line-it does wonders for my skin. But I did get water in my container of scrub and it is clumpy now and won't come out. I would not recommend taking this into the shower-leave it on your counter outside!
Dale Oreviewed October 3, 20115 out of 5!
This products is fantastic! After a few consecutive days of use I noticed that my pours open so that my extractions are hassle free. The application is easy and after making the paste this product does not crumb onto but smooths onto my face and sets without that dry tight feeling. After washing the product off my face my skin feels soft and baby smooth. Now I'm going to apply Skin Savior for the finishing touch and I'm ready for my day!
Michelle W. reviewed July 7, 20115 out of 5!
Brand New Day Microderma Scrub & Masque is downright obsession-worthy. It's gentle enough to use every day, even for sensitive skin. Just one use leaves your face soft and velvety smooth. Despite the powder pink packaging, this product can certainly be unisex, with a pleasant natural fragrance, very subtle. it's also cruelty free, so it's kind to animals as well!
Bessreviewed June 13, 20115 out of 5!
This product is amazing! The whole "just add water" idea initially worried me, but I'm sold. Other ladies described their skin as "light" or "breathable" and I agree. My skin hasn't felt this soft and natural in a long time. Highly recommended!!
Megan Biramreviewed April 14, 20115 out of 5!
After I use Brand New Day (which I do everyday!) I feel like I just left a spa treatment! It's so gentle, yet my skin feels amazing after using it! Love, love, love!
Kimreviewed March 27, 20115 out of 5!
Your products are simply the best I have ever used. My skin feels and looks wonderful. Keep up the good work!
Denisereviewed March 24, 20115 out of 5!
Brand New Day Microdermia Scrub and Masque is my favorite of the products. I was a little concerned about trying it since I do have sensitive skin but it really is gentle enough for every day use and is good for even sensitive skin. It smells good too! My face felt clean and really smooth after using it. I simply love One Love Organics products!
Sheilareviewed February 28, 20115 out of 5!
I’ve been using the scrub about a week now and really do love it, especially the smell!
I’ve been using Dermalogica’s Daily Microfoliant for years now and had recently read about your company in several magazines so I thought I’d give it a try. Fantastic product! I am a convert!
AEBreviewed February 22, 20115 out of 5!
This is an amazing scrub! My face feels extremely clean and smooth. I've never had my skin so breathable as after using Brand New Day.
Cyle Lewisreviewed February 4, 20115 out of 5!
This scrub is so refreshing. It feels so light and great on your face. I love that the scrubbing ingredients are not large and rough like some exfoliating products. It smells and nice and is overall something I could use daily.
Natreviewed February 1, 20115 out of 5!
I wasn't sure about this product at first, because I have very sensitive skin and thought it might be too abrasive. But it's turned out to be my very favorite skincare ritual. It's not like any other scrub - it makes your skin feel hydrated, super silky and truly brand new - like a baby's buttocks! At this point, I don't think I could live without it.
HDJreviewed January 28, 20115 out of 5!
I LOVE One Love!! The scrub makes my skin feel so clean, then so moisturized with the skin savior. My skin feels and looks so healthy. I also love the serum, my face feels great even though it is so dry and cold. Thank you!!
KRBreviewed January 28, 20115 out of 5!
It really DOES shrink your pores!
As a skin care junkie, this scrub is the best one I've ever used. Bar none.
My skin is amazingly smooth. As a nice fringe benefit, it seems to have completely eradicated any signs of milia that I had.
A great product, WELL worth the price, and it seems to last a long time!
John Davidreviewed January 11, 20115 out of 5!
I've had large pores my entire life. After using this scrub, they immediately looked smaller. My skin feels cleaner than ever and the tone has evened out too. This is a great product.
Mackreviewed January 10, 20115 out of 5!
Yes. Guys can use this, too! I really like how clean this product makes my skin feel. Great product. Keep up the good work, One Love Organics.
carolinereviewed January 9, 20115 out of 5!
This scrub is awesome! I can't even describe how soft it makes your face feel. Everyone needs this product.
Jillreviewed January 7, 20115 out of 5!
I could wash my face all day with the scrub-it feels soooo creamy and good. Wonder if I could wash my whole body with this stuff?! I would like for it to feel as creamy and soft, too.
Kristenreviewed January 6, 20115 out of 5!
I use this every morning - it smells great and leaves my skin glowing! Super gentle even on my sensitive skin.
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