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Chia Whip Fragrance Free Foam Cleanser 150 ml | 5 fl oz
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A luxuriously lathering, organic foam cleanser, Chia Whip thoroughly removes dirt, excess oil, and makeup, while pampering the skin with  organic supercritical chia oil, organic aloe vera and rosemary extract. Perfect for sensitive skin (and noses), this pure, fragrance-free cleansing foam washes away impurities in a sea of bubbles without stripping or dehydrating your skin.

Pump foam into your hand or New Best Friend Skin Shammy. Massage over yoru face. Rinse well.

*Every single ingredient listed is plant based. Visit our ingredients page to learn more.

Saponified organic olive, coconut and jojoba oils, vegetable glycerin, capryl glucoside, organic chia supercritical oil, organic aloe vera and rosemary extract

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Chloe reviewed December 11, 20135 out of 5!
After running out of the chia cleanser and having to use others, my face just isn't the same without it... This is my absolute favourite cleanser ever, along with the Elizabeth Dehn cleansing oil.

My skin is dry and sensitive-- foam cleansers are supposedly supposed to be harsh for this skin type, but not the chia whip! In fact it is better to use foam cleansers because they get into pores and provide better slip for gentle cleansing (fact: a famous 50 year old in Japan that was measured to have the skin of a 20 year old only uses foam cleansers)

The chia whip is so so gentle but effective, and does not leave my skin feeling dry. I use my Sidmool pore brush from Korea along with it and it is the best combination!

I'm waiting until the holidays to treat myself with the chia whip and the vitamin b cleansing oil, because I just cannot bear to be without them. )':
Kirsty Rreviewed April 22, 20135 out of 5!
This has made a massive change to my irritated acne skin. Its started to heal and be less reactive. Its lovely to not have to double cleanse just one product to give really clean skin. Please don't stop making this product its amazing!!!!!
Lisa Suzannereviewed August 2, 20125 out of 5!
First off, EXCELLENT customer service! Ordered on a Friday and received it on Monday! From the other side of the states! Had a little problem with my cleanser, spoke to Suzanne and problem solved. Agree with previous review, the BEST foaming face cleanser I've ever used. Most are this watery, liquidy thin foam, where as this is thick, creamy, soft and just one pump is more than enough. Rinses off quickly but doesn't leave your face feeling dry or tight, LOVE it! I would have liked a scent, but the fact that it lacks one won't deter me from ordering it again. Suzanne and Crew have another winner! Thank you!
Samantha F.reviewed July 16, 20125 out of 5!
This is the best foaming face wash I've ever used. Truly fragrance free and truly gentle. If you have sensitive skin, like I do, this is ideal. It's creamy and your face feels clean but not tight or dry after using it. Another great OLO product!
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Chia Whip