Morning Glory launch party at Shen Beauty

Morning Glory launch party at Shen Beauty

Greetings and Salutations. We’ve been away for a bit making our products (we really do make each one by hand), spreading the word, and opening stores all over the world! (Seriously if you haven’t checked the stores page in a while, pop over. We are probably in a store near you. We have spread across the US, Canada and are making our way into Europe. And please check back. It feels like we are adding new locations every day.)

Whew! It’s been busy. And our blog has felt a little neglected. But we’re back! And we have lots of exciting things to share. Starting with the latest addition to the One Love Organics family…

You read that right. Morning Glory Brightening Complexion Booster is our newest baby. A whisper light moisturizing oil infused with raspberry, lemon, mint and ylang ylang. It helps balance your skin’s oil production and promotes healthy circulation for a rosy glow, while also helping to protect your skin from the daily onslaught of environmental damage. Oh, and it smells like a fragrant garden. We might have a new favorite. The baby in the family is always the favorite right?

In September, we hosted an intimate event to introduce editors to Morning Glory at one of our favorite retailers, Shen Beauty in Brooklyn. Isn’t Shen the cutest? Those pink walls made us feel right at home! We thought you might enjoy seeing a few photos of the event courtesy of our friend Scott Clark.

We love a good party! And Little Miss Party helped us make it a truly special event. There were nibbles featuring our key ingredients (raspberry, lemon and mint). Our very own signature champagne cocktail. And don’t get us started on the decorations. We might need to fill our office with those tissue poms. Too cute!

(That’s Kendra chatting with Melisse from Well + Good.)

All in all a lovely night. And we’re excited to say Morning Glory already has a few fans! Rachel Zoe called it a super hero serum. We’re blushing! Like proud parents.

Morning Glory is available exclusively at Shen Beauty until it launches worldwide
January 1, 2012.