Suzanne LeRoux has always been a true believer in beauty products. She is also a believer in alternative healing—so much so that she decided to formally study holistic nutrition, herbs and aromatherapy in addition to her day job as a lawyer. It was from these studies that One Love was born. After five years of moonlighting as a beauty alchemist, Suzanne took up the cosmetic arts full time. She uses her lawyerly analysis, high standards for efficacy and charming Southern drawl to march past the “marketing hype” and uncover what is truly beneficial to skin, health and beauty. As a mom, Suzanne is also an advocate for healthy, happy families—so the company also supports non-profit organizations that help families thrive.

CHASE LEROUX, chief financial officer

Chase LeRoux serves as our Chief Financial Officer. This legal dynamo manages all aspects of One Love’s legal relationships with third parties and providers, shrewdly protects our out-of-sight intellectual property and maintains all company records.A confirmed workaholic, Chase had a total change of heart after the birth of his sons, giving up his law partnership to work less and devote more time to life. He is passionate about simplicity and is the inspiration behind the line’s ‘luxury of less’ ethos. Chase’s equation for a better life: consume less + spend less = freedom.