Brand New Day Treatment Masque

Brand New Day Treatment Masque

The Brand New Day Treatment Masque is one of our biggest fan favorites. Not only does it feel great and leave your skin fresh and glowing, you can customize your treatment to what your skin needs right now. Want to clarify and renew? Add Brand New Day to raw honey (we love Manuka honey!). Skin feeling dry? Add to Greek yogurt (Fantastic for winter skin!) Want a gentle treatment? Add to our Easy Does It Foaming Cleanser. Play around. Experiment. See what works best for you!

For our One Love Organics Spa Day party, we set up a little masque station with small spa bowls of greek yogurt, manuka honey, and Brand New Day. Our guests could choose the ingredient that worked best for them and mix up a masque to their liking. So easy
and fun!

Apply the masque to a clean face and leave on for 10-15 minutes. Relax. Enjoy the company of friends. Laugh… you can see we did a lot of that. And then rinse with warm water. Viola! Fresh glowing skin. We like to finish with a few drops of Love Springs Eternal Youth Preservation Serum and a light touch of Skin Savior Waterless Multi-balm.

Needless to say we love Brand New Day. This little guy does double duty as a gentle, exfoliating cleansing scrub and an amazing customizable treatment masque. Oh, and by the way, it kind of smells like cookies. Not a bad way to greet the day!

If you love it too or have been dying to try it out, now is definitely the time to stock up. Because this week only we are in the 100 Layer Cake Pop-up shop and everything is marked down 40-55% off! But hurry! This kind of sale will only come around once in a
blue moon.

*All photos by the amazingly talented Bonnie Tsang.