100 Layer Cake Pop-up Shop

100 Layer Cake Pop-up Shop

We are super excited to announce our first ever flash sale! For this week only, our entire line is available for 40-55% off in the 100 Layer Cake Pop-up Shop. So if you’ve been wanting to try our line or need to stock up on your favorite product, now is definitely the time. But don’t wait long. As with all flash sales, quantities are limited. So if we were you, we’d head there now. I mean, seriously. 50% off!!!

A sneak peak of the One Love Organics Spa Day Party over on 100 Layer Cake today! Left to right: Becky Hill, Erika Parsons, Kristina Hedrick, Kendra Inman, and Amanda Halbrook. All photos by the amazingly talented Bonnie Tsang.

When you’re done shopping, stop by the 100 Layer Cake Blog to see a fun One Love Organics Spa Day party idea we put together too. What could be a better way to celebrate a milestone with your girlfriends than a little (make that a lot) of pampering? We created this shoot as inspiration for a bridal shower, but we think it’d be a fun birthday party idea or even just a great excuse to gather a few friends and celebrate the beauty of friendship.

Because if you’re like us, friendship is truly worth celebrating.

*We’d like to send a huge thank you to all our friends that helped make this shoot possible. To Bonnie Tsang, who shot the most beautiful, light infused photos of our party. I mean, how pretty are they?! To Erika Parsons, who made us all look beautiful. In fact, we’ll be sharing one of her key secrets later in the week! (hint: she uses Skin Savior Waterless Multi Balm). Thanks to Becky Hill for modeling as her truly lovely self. And finally to Kristina and Amanda from 100 Layer Cake, who helped in more ways than we could possibly hope to list. Let’s just say, these girls rock!